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Are you ready to take charge of your future?

Are you struggling answering questions in an interview?

How do you feel about graduating without a job?

Do you have fear over competition and handling the nerves?


I’m Alison

I’ve been exactly where you are and that’s why I’m here to help. I graduated in 2002 after a four-year degree and a very impressive student debt. I knew I needed a job to start to pay off the debt. The competition was high, but I knew I needed to brush up on my skills to ace those questions and nerves. That’s where this course will come in handy for you. As part of my job I now get to sit on the other side of the table and interview up and coming aspiring candidates. So, what are you waiting for?

Let me help get you that job.

Download this powerful cheat sheet to help get you ready for your next Interview!

What I Offer

Master the Interview

An online course designed to help you to ace the interview


Some really useful information to get you interview ready

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How It Works

Easy Peasy!

Being offered an interview can be thrilling but also nerve racking. The online digital course will make sure you are fully prepared for the big day. Plus there are useful FREEBIES and blog posts. 

Hop along to the Courses page, purchase the course and get going. I’ll be here to support any questions you might have. 

What they say…

"I've struggled with interview's for years, I would manage to land an interview for my dream job, only to get so nervous and tongue tied trying to think of answers related to my previous jobs. Then I found Alison at Master Your Destiny, I took the plunge to try and give myself a fighting chance of actually getting the job. Well guess what, it worked! I was prepared because I prepped properly and the next interview I had I got offered the job! I would definitely recommend Alison's course if your in any doubt about passing the interview, thank you Alison!"

Sarah, South Wales, UK

"Having not attended a formal interview for some years, I initially felt quite apprehensive about how best to prepare myself. Alison gave me The Interview Cheat Sheet, this really helped to focus my research on the company and provide examples of my experience. After completing the Cheat Sheet I felt ready and prepared for my interview and therefore more confident! Many thanks Alison"

Hannah, Manchester, UK

"The tools that are offered by Master Your Destiny are an essential part of the toolkit for anybody preparing for an interview. They help you to know what to prepare and to have a chance to think about who you are as a person and what you have to offer in the role"

Vicky, North Wales, UK

"Alison has produced a very thorough and succinct cheat sheet to take you through interviews. She lists the most pertinent points which, if practised, can ease the interview process tremendously. These points are applicable for job interviews at any level, and will benefit you throughout your chosen career. Highly recommended for those looking to succeed at interviews."

Gavita, London


It all starts with YOU!
It all starts with YOU!

We are working and living in a very different and strange time at the moment. You may be dealing with lots of obstacles and not sure when all of this will end (aren’t we all)! You may have lost your job, become furloughed, still have your job but limited activities....