We are working and living in a very different and strange time at the moment. You may be dealing with lots of obstacles and not sure when all of this will end (aren’t we all)!

You may have lost your job, become furloughed, still have your job but limited activities.

One of the easiest things anyone can do right now is to retreat into a safe space and not grow. BUT instead I challenge you to focus on how you recognise and create value to your current or new employer.



It starts with youYour unique skills will be fuelled with passion and light you up when you do them effortlessly.


Let’s break down your skills and do a little brainstorming together. We are going to break down your abilities into 4 sections:

  1. Unsuccessful activities – Often leads to failure and frustrations, you hate doing them.
  2. Competent activities – Don’t enjoy doing but you could if you absolutely had to.
  3. Excellent activities – Amazing at doing them but run out of energy quickly.
  4. Unique activities – You would do this all day, everyday without running out of energy.


Now, start thinking about your skills and when you think of one decide which section it goes into. You might decide that building client relationships is something you love doing but only for a limited time as you burn out quite quickly, in which case it would go underneath the ‘excellent activities’ section. Maybe paperwork is your deadly enemy and no matter how many times you think about it you procrastinate until you finally complete it, only for it to be wrong. That one might go underneath the ‘unsuccessful activity’ section.

Here are a few examples if you are struggling to think of some: active listening, adaptability, communication, decisive, data entry, IT, public speaking, teamwork, creativity, writing reports, accounting, sales, answering phones, contract negotiating, self-motivation, taking care of patients, record keeping, web design, coding, graphic design, photography, project managing, etc.


Just from doing this have you had any ‘a-ha’ moments? Any light bulbs pop up?? If so, I’d love to hear about them. Drop me an email or say hey! in the Facebook group HERE.

You now have an idea of the skills you love and the ones you really don’t like doing, so let’s take this a step further and reflect on the skills you have listed as unique activities.


  • How do you create value and what difference does this make to the workplace?(Take one of your unique activities from the activity above and think of an example of how this ability would be invaluable to your employer)

  • What 3 areas or skills do you need to work on or have more consistency and why?(Think about what you do really well but there maybe an opportunity to learn more or improve, e.g. Confidence)

  • What 3 new skills or talents would you love to learn and why?(Maybe you’ve started something, but distractions got in the way. Or it’s a long-term investment such as a 1-year course and you are halfway through).


Finally, to bring all of this together, what are your 3 biggest actions you are going to do right now?