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1. Your job interview is scheduled for 9 a.m. What time, ideally,  should you arrive?
2. When preparing for the interview, how many questions should you plan to ask the person interviewing you?
3. What is the best way to greet the person interviewing you?
4. You’re driving to an interview and find yourself stuck in traffic so you are going to be late. Do you:
5. If someone asks you why you’re looking for work, what should you NOT say?
6. You’re in the interview and your phone rings. Do you:
7. You’re asked the question “tell me about yourself”. What do you tell them:
8. At the interview one of the first questions is “why have you applied to us?” Do you say:
9. You’re asked a tricky question and struggle to come up with the answer straight away. Do you:
10. What should you do to overcome nervousness?