On a recent trip to a café I overheard an employer and senior staff discussing the performance of a junior employee, “They have the results, but they just don’t have the pizazz we need!” It’s a conversation I’ve heard often as an employee but as an employer one I’m not privy too often and it’s probably because like many employers I hired for the pizazz not necessarily for the perfect skill set. Here’s why a positive mindset and forward focused attitude can put you well ahead of your competition.

As a job seeker I’d bet all my money on the fact that you are currently throwing your energy into getting qualifications, nailing interview skills and euphemistically poising your attributes, positive and negative, in a positive light to capture the attention of your prospective employer. Chances are you’ve probably invested time and money in a professional CV service (good on you!) and asked your most literate friend to comb your applications for any flaws but there’s one thing in that process you haven’t focused on- YOU!

In a world where brands hire people on their ability to connect with others your greatest asset is your ATTITUDE. Attitude cannot be put on a certificate alongside the name of a fancy University. Yet attitude is consistently a cause for concern for employers. Its not about the generation you are a part of it’s about whether you have the confidence to authentically connect, the personal accountability to build trusting relationships and the desire to go the extra mile to build rapport.

According to Medibank private each year the Australian economy alone spends $34 billion dollars on replacing staff due to illness, stress or human relations issues between employees and employers. At the crux of these issues is an attitude and awareness of one’s self from the employee all the way through to the business leader. Your attitude towards work and how you interact with others is inextricably linked to your relationship with yourself.  A positive employee who is self-aware approaches working life with a forward focussed mentality, knowing full well that they have a lot to gain so they lead with a value adding, forward focussed mentality. A positive employee also has the confidence to accept compliments and criticisms.

So, let me ask you, do you have the capacity to accept constructive criticism from anyone without feeling personally attacked?  Do you often see opportunities for change or roadblocks to success? Do you view an employer as a person who can implement your great, innovative ideas or an untouchable person that’s not worth speaking to because you are just the employee? Your attitude in the workplace will dictate your actions and your actions will solidify your success in the workplace and propel a business or organisation forward.

Far too many people allow their limited self- belief to impact their working life. It starts with the moment you walk into a job interview and often sets the tone for the entirety of a job placement. A potential employee who knows their worth understands that their attitude and willingness to learn can far outweigh the perfect CV, so they turn up. They turn up where others would be looking for the exact requirements before they hit ‘apply’. It’s this very thinking that gets positive, forward focussed individuals hired. Employers and senior staff want people who aren’t waiting for the perfect conditions to succeed but are looking to seize the moment, learn and develop because its this exact thinking that helps a business to evolve.

As you approach your next job interview prime yourself for success by focussing on an attitude that will help you and your employer to grow. Most of all never underestimate the POWER OF ATTITUDE, many employers are hiring for this skill they cannot train as opposed to those they can.